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Welcome to Little Yoshiwara

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Little Yoshiwara, is the home of the Yoshiwara Okiya (Geisha School), and the Yoshiwara Jingu Association (Shinto Priest and Priestess School) who serve our 4 Shinto shrines dedicated to Amaterasu, Susa-no-o, Inari, and Hachiman. Contact Xuemei Yiyuan for details.

       We are also home to the Doujou-ji Zendo (Zen Temple) run by Abbot Koi Nakajima, and the Second Life Language Exchange (teaching Japanese and English) run by Miteki Ling.
       Soon, a castle dedicated to Samurai will be built, which will also include 2 dojos (for blades and archery). 

      Feel free to relax and play here, but please be courteous to the people working and living here. This sim is set in the Early Edo Period (c1605-1750), during the Tokugawa Shogunate.
       Samurai are requested to keep their weapons sheathed in the Geisha Compound and Shrine sanctuaries.
We value Beauty, Peace, Love, Intelligence, Courage, and Dreams.

Little Yoshiwara has 3 main areas:


The Hanamachi (with Okiya, Tea House, and Performance Pavilion):
This is our 'Floating World', and the home of our Geisha.
* Public and Private entertainment is provided here by our Geisha, Maiko, and Minarai.
* Public performances will be advertised through our Little Yoshiwara group which is free to join.
* Our Geisha can also be hired for private and public entertainment.
* All inquiries or questions can be directed to the Administrator and Head Geisha Xuemei Yiyuan.
Please note, our geisha/maiko are entertainers, and DO NOT offer sexual services. Geisha offer ‘repose’, adoration, charm, intelligent conversation, and non-sexual entertainment.


The Amaterasu and Inari Shinto Shrines
      This shrine is located to the South of the Hanamachi, in the Ribush Region. To reach it, follow the road south through the Hanamachi (or use the Land Mark provided).
      The Amaterasu Shrine is also the home of our Miko (Shrine Priestess) School. For information about the school please contact our High Priestess (Saishu) Shikigami Kamaboko.
Our shrine to the rice goddess Inari is located to the West of our marketplace.



Yoshiwara Village
*This area can be found to the north of the Hanamachi, and includes a market place selling Japanese goods, a residential area (with homes for rent), and a sparring area for samurai.
*A Cultural Library open to all is also located in the residential area.
*The sparring area is open to all samurai, or other exponents of martial combat. Only melee (hand held) weapons are allowed here.
*Combat outside the sparring area is (or neighbouring properties) is strictly forbidden.

Other Helpful SL and LY Links

Official Linden Blog

This links back to the official Linden Blog.  It helps to let us all know if the servers are down and we will not be able to log back in if we try to relog before a performance.  VERY useful! ;)

Offline message forum for when SL is down

Our new forum is now open to the public.  As a note to my dear sisters, when you use the Forum linked above for the first time you will have to register.  Please be sure to use your SL username so that we know who you are and can give you the proper board rank.

Meet Our Geisha on our LY Blog

Dear sisters, in this area if you want to add anything you may do so yourselves.  I do not wish to put more information about you on the web than you would want, and so I think it fair to leave it such that you can just add your own description as a comment.

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