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Discover More About RL Geisha

Do you want to know more about RL Geisha or Japanese Culture and History?  Here is a list of sites that are very informative as well as interesting.

Immortal Geisha


If there was ever anything you wanted to know about Geisha culture but were afraid to ask, this is the best place to start.  They also have a gorgeous collection of photos.


Wiki Article: Mineko Iwasaki

Arthur Golden's Book Memiors of a Geisha is all that most people know about the life of a RL Geisha, but his view was a bit skewed.  This wiki article is about the woman that he talked to in order to gather the information that he used for his book.  To get her full story, please read her real memior:  Geisha, A Life.

Sure, may seem like your typical tourist page but I have found it to be very useful.  We may not be going to RL Japan but if we want to make our SL Japan more authentic, then we need to know the customs.  The section on etiquette was especially helpful for a report that I once did on Japanese Table Manners.

Learn to speak and write Japanese, for free.  Ganbatte kudasai!


Your Name in Japanese

Have you ever wanted to see what your name would look like in Japanese?  This is a fun page to use to see what that would be.  Follow the instructions on the page and you will see your name in a new way.  This one is more just for fun than for real reference, but we all need to have fun sometime, right?


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