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Since our aquisition of the entire region of Milarepa, our tiny hamanachi has grown to be quite large and has many places that our guests may enjoy visiting.  Some of these places are shown below.  They may look nice here, but trust that they are even more beautiful when seen in-world.

Click here if you would like to see pictures from recent Geisha shows.


The picture shown above is a picture of our Hamanachi as it looked before we aquired the rest of our SIM.



The two pictures above show our new Main Street.  It is still being updated as new places are still being built.


In this picture, we are all sitting and listening to a class presentation by my sister, Amber.  As you can see, we had a guest attending the class with us on this day.  :)


This is our Grand Shrine which is dedicated to Amaterasu the Shinto Sun Goddess.


Our smaller shrine is dedicated to Inari the Goddess of Agriculture, and of wealth.  (In the times our RP is set in, rice was a form of currency.)


This is our Bhuddist Shrine located next to our ochaya.



Our Marketplace has all sorts of interesting Japanese items.  We also have our main performance stage here.


Further up the hill, there are houses which can be rented by anyone who would like to become a resident of our little community.


This is our Kabuki Theater located on our Main Street.


Down the street from the Kabuki Theater, you can find our Sumo ring.  Maybe you'll get lucky and wander by while there is a match going on.


Feel free to relax in our Hot Springs, just be sure to observe proper etiquette.  NCs with info are located in the changing areas nearby.


Don't feel like getting wet?  No problem!  You can relax while fishing at our fishing pond.


The neighboring village of Little Shizuka is owned by Little Yoshiwara Geisha.  If you wander onto this land, please observe that it is privately owned and that the people living there may be off duty at the time.  In addition to the private homes, there is a decorative scroll shop and a zen garden that you may visit, so long as you do so with respect.

If you would like to see more pictures that were taken all around our SIM, please visit the link below to see the work of The Looking Glass photographer: Mirari Etchegaray in her story board presentation:

Memiors of a Geisha


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