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1. Yoshiwara Okiya Geisha School.
      Yoshiwara Okiya is a training school for women wishing to learn about, and practice the art of being a geisha. Students are not only schooled in the geisha arts necessary to perform the role professionally in SL, but will also be taught in classes about the history of geisha and important aspects of Japanese culture.
     Students at the school progress through 3 Ranks, from Minarai, to Maiko, and finally to Geisha, with promotion being based upon performance of her rank duties, and dedication of time and energy to the Okiya and her sisters.
      Entry into the school will be based upon a short interview with the Oka-san, and the signing of an agreement to abide by the conditions set forth in the Okiya Contract (provided below).
     For an interview to join our school, contact either Oka-san (Head Geisha) Xuemei Yiyuan, or one of our Geisha to receive more information.
2. Yoshiwara Okiya Services.
      Yoshiwara Okiya geisha can be hired for public and private performances. Costs for services provided depends upon the number of geisha needed for a performance, the time required, and (in the case of private entertainment) the Rank of the geisha employed.
      Yoshiwara geisha, maiko, and minarai DO NOT provide sexual services. Traditional Geisha are primarily entertainers, who provide 'repose' to their clients through music, dance, vocal entertainment, intelligent conversation, and pleasing companionship.
      Clients must bear in mind, that given the problems associated with timezones, our members can be asked to perform RL hours that can be a stain for them. While our costs at first glance may surprise, we ask the client to remember not only the sacrifices made to be there to perform, but also that a RL person is giving you an hour of their time for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.
      Clients must also remember that to geisha it is gauche to speak of matters of money, and the costs provided are flat fees. However depending upon the generosity of the client and/or their enjoyment of the entertainment, additional voluntary tips above the standard fee are most welcome.
      For all public performances at least 5-7 days notice should be given to the Oka-san Xeimei Yiyuan via IM. This gives us time to: (1) see if we can gather the number of performers required to fulfill your request at the time desired, (2) enough time to for you to plan for alternative entetainment if we are unable to do so, and (3) if we can do the show, give us time to advertise the event in SL Search pages, Okiya blogs, and though notices to our own growing Little Yoshiwara group.
      In the event we cannot give a public show, we can ask our sister Okiyas to fulfill the performance on the clients behalf.
      Private Entertainment can be arranged at anytime, depending upon the availability of Okiya members at the time of the request.  


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