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Members must abide by the following conditions
1. You can only work with one geisha group, Yoshiwara Okiya. A geisha cannot split their loyalties between schools. (Members however are allowed to perform with other groups if asked...but please advise your Oka of any arrangements).
2. You will create an entry in your 'Picks', menu in 'Profile'. In this write "Yoshiwara Okiya Minarai. Any compliments or complaints about my conduct should be reported to Head Geisha Xuemei Yiyuan." Also put here a picture of yourself, and an LM to the Hanamachi. Also, please add the Hanamachi/Shrine itself to your 'Picks'.
3. Your first loyalty is to our Hanamachi and its members. This includes both our Geisha and Miko (priestesses).
4. Agree to spend time (at least 20 minutes) at the Hanamachi & Shrine each time you come to SL. This is to allow family bonds to develop, to boost our Traffic numbers, and to attend to visitors. (This does not include class times). You are welcome to bring friends here to keep you company during your time here.
5. Agree to attend formal classes held at the Hanamachi, which are designed to improve you skills as a geisha, and knowledge of Japanese culture. This will not include performance practice when needed. Also agree to perform in shows as they become available to you.  Becoming a geisha requires a commitment of time and energy. 
6. The Okiya rank system. Head Geisha (Oka)- Geisha- Maiko-Minarai. Promotion will be based upon proven performance of skills learned, and dedication to the group.
7. Apart from the Head Geisha who is always referred to as 'Oka-san', higher ranks will refer to their inferiors as 'xxxx-chan', and inferiors will refer to their superiors as 'xxx-san."
8. You have the right to express opinions and question decisions, but the final decision of the Oka-san is binding.
9. We do not charge a fee for training. Your money is better spent on getting the clothing and skins etc needed to start your life as a Maiko. Here we are more interested in creating a family than running a profit generating business.
10. Money paid to you in tips at venue performances, and the Ochaya, will be split between yourself and the School. In these cases members will receive 85% of tips, with 15% going to the School.
11. Money paid for private entertainment by geisha will be similarly split, with yourself receiving 85%, and the School 15%. Pay levels in this case vary according to rank. Anyone wishing to book private time with members MUST ARRANGE THIS WITH THE OKA. (Please note: The school does not force people to spend time with clients they do not wish to). People introducing new clients to the school, will be given first choice in entertaining them or not.
12. You are expected to equip yourself from your pay (which is why it is so high). The School does not give these things away to members.
13. You will wear kimono,yukatas, or other traditional clothing while at the Hanamachi, and observe the honorific codes given to you. This code is not applicable to others outside the group.
14. Remember, your words and actions reflect upon the School. Bringing dishonour upon the School, Oka, and sisters, will lead to expulsion from the group.
15.  You may not be officially Partnered.  Geisha  do not marry. Once a woman marries she is totally loyal to her husband. She cannot be loyal to him and her school.  If you wish to have an SL partner in private, that is up to you.  Just do not list them as Partner on your profile.
 16.  If something is going to keep you from logging on or coming to the okiya for an extended period, you must notify your one-san or one of the senior sisters (Maiko or Geisha).  If a week goes by and we do not hear anything from you or know where you went, you may be ejected at Oka-san's discretion.
17. If you agree to these conditions, then copy this page into a NC in SL sign a copy, and return it to the Oka. This is your contract.



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