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Meet Our Geisha
Friday, 25 April 2014
Poetry by Umeko




Song of the Minarai

By Umeko


My room is silent

In the distance the sharp strings of a Shamisen

Echo across the red-tiled roofs

To blend with the mournful notes of a Shakuhachi

Pine smoke lingers over the Hanamachi

Fires kindled to chase the chill of night away

From this cold early spring


I lie awake

Listening for the sound of laughter in the street below

Laughter that tells me my sisters have returned

From their engagements

Quickly I dress and scamper down the stairs


I hold the door for them

I bow and ask in a quiet voice of their success

I hold the door for them

And line their Geta neatly in a row

They drift away to their separate rooms

As the quiet of the night

Descends once more over the Okiya


Tomorrow they will sleep till noon

It is a right they have earned

But I will be up at dawn

To scrub and sweep

Then quickly run to class


I learn to dance

Until my legs burn

I learn to sing

Until my voice cracks

I play the Shamisen

Until my fingers bleed


What kind of life is this you ask?

A life like no other is my answer

A life of happy service

A life of rich reward

For the heart can be happy

When the mind is free of worry

And the path before us is clear


A time will come

When another shall hold the door for me

And line my Geta neatly in a row

A time will come

When I will wander off to bed

And sleep till two

Or maybe even three




Fan Dance

by Umeko


Our fans of yellow, gold and orange flutter in our hands

Dove wings

Our fingers, in their ever searching patterns

Launch them

Released from gravity they spin


Around me the quiet whisper of kimono

As we glide across the stage

Increasingly we are lost

We women of the Hanamachi

Into a world of our own flight

Released from gravity

We soar.



We Who Walk on Shifting Air

by Umeko


Who are we?

We women of the Hanamachi

We women who paint our faces?

And walk on shifting air?

Are we not beauty?

Are we not grace?

Do we not sing

Like the Nightingale or the Lark?


If you touch us

Will we not shatter?

If you kiss us

Will we not vanish? 

How does one define

The undefinable?


We forgo the company of men    

For the companionship of women

We live across a bridge

In a world that floats on water

We are compassion 

We are hope

We are dreams

That dance with fans


We embrace tradition in our arms

We carry honor in our hearts

And loyalty in our deeds

We bask in the happiness of others

And weep in the loneliness of night

We are the women

Who pass you by

But do not look up to see your face


We are the shadows

Of what once was

And the hope

Of what could be

We are the promise of our sisters

And the memory of our mothers

We are the women of the Hanamachi

And we float on a world of dreams





Posted by umekoalisiea at 7:11 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, 28 April 2014 7:33 AM EDT
Saturday, 3 January 2009
Mood:  blue
Please allow me to introduce myself....  I am  Maiko in Little Yoshiwara Okiya, and my name it Chrys Glaz.    I adore the service and music I am priveleged to provide for our patrons, and am deeply indebted to my sisters and our mother who have been so patient with me, and who have taught me so very much.    I hope I may have the opportunity to meet you soon.   Be well.     Chrys.

Posted by chrysglaz at 1:34 PM EST
Monday, 21 April 2008
Konnichiwa everyone
Mood:  caffeinated

Hello everyone. Just dropped in to introduce myself. I am Celeste-San, a Minarai at Little Yoshiwara. I haven't been here too long, but I find it to be a great place. I've met many wonderful people and learned alot of amazing things about Japanese culture in my short time here. I was very lucky to be paired with a kind, patient, motivational Onesan (big sister), Hiroko-San, and she has helped me come a long way from when I first arrived in our small village. I'm currently training to become a Maiko like my Onesan, and hope to make her proud with my promotion soon. I hope everyone reading this that hasn't been to one of our shows, and even those that have, will come and enjoy a performance from my beautiful sisters.

Hope to see you all soon! Ja Mata! 

Posted by celeste-san at 10:00 AM EDT
Tuesday, 15 April 2008
Konnichiwa Sisters!

This is Toshi-san here, of course ;)  Site developer at the moment.  Please take a moment, dear sisters to post anything you would like for our patrons to know about you here in this blog.  Feel free to share as much or as little as you please.  Don't forget to use your SL name so that our patrons know who you are.  *smiles*

-Toshi (the Geisha formerly known as Silver *winks*)

Posted by littleyoshiwara at 1:45 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 3 January 2009 2:46 AM EST

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